The bleak and disturbing picture of Gerard Pique’s Davis Cup in Turin, Pre-Columbia-USA


A desolate and disturbing image can be seen on Sunday in a tie Davis Cup that faced Colombia With United State. stands Bala Albitur From the city of Turin, one of the three stadiums of the tournament, it was practically empty to live the matches between the two national teams. Italian fans responded when their country was in competition, but once they qualified, they collectively missed the remaining duel, with possibly a second-best possible chance before the quarter-finals at stake.

In search of the pass, Colombian and American tennis players had to go through the surreal situation of living such important matches with soulless stands and very far from the usual atmosphere that has historically always accompanied Davis Cup. Organizing the tournament led by a company Gerrard PiqueKosmos Tennis has tried to cut prices and sell off the tournament over the previous days, but the truth is that after the qualifying rounds for the hosts, the stands can leave images like the one seen on Sunday in Turin.

This kind of attitude has drawn a lot of criticism about the management Gerrard Pique and your company, tennis cosmos Since they dominated competition rights. The last player to hit Barcelona was the captain of the Australian national team Leighton Hewitt, who did not hesitate to stress that they are “killing” the Davis Cup.

“Some of my best memories are related to the Davis Cup, with the semi-finals and finals in full pitches. It didn’t matter if it was in Australia or if it was Hawaii, the atmosphere was great. The Davis Cup has remained at the forefront of our sport It was played for five sets. We finish that and then also play at home or outside. “Having a tour with three teams does not mean there will be matches throughout the year,” he added.

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