Diario Extra – Hernán Jiménez with DIARIO EXTRA: ‘With what I did, Love Hard filmed 50 films in CR’


After the “Jump” and the huge success of Hernán Jiménez with “Love Hard” which became a number on Netflix a few days ago, the experienced director spoke with DIARIO EXTRA from the United States. He regretted that he had not done so earlier, precisely because he had started recording promotions for the movie in recent days.

How did you feel when you saw that the first movie “Love Hard” was in the “Top Ten” on Netflix and hours later it was “Top topic” that made it to number one in record time?
Being grateful to people is the main thing. It took a lot of work and it’s good to see people appreciate it.
shouted what did he do? Did you raise your hands? Kick some happiness? Did you drink liquor, did you drink? What did he do when he learned that he touched glory?
– A couple of drinks of course! But the main thing was to thank and try to enjoy the moment.
In those 72 hours after success, how was your life?
– In fact, everything remained the same. The only thing that changes is that people talk about you for a couple of days, but then everything goes back to normal. I’m excited about the other projects, let’s see if any of them come to fruition.
What was the reaction of the actors, especially Nina Dobrev? Were you able to talk to the rest of the boys, like Charles Melton, Jimmy Oyang, and others?
– Yes, of course, everyone is very impressed, and above all amazed, because I think that none of them expected such a resounding success. I think the producers and Netflix are happy too.
Did you get a call from a celebrity, including a lead actor, director, or film producer? Will he be in plain sight of any of Hollywood’s powerful traditional companies?
The only people I’ve talked to are team members. The projects that I have are things that come from behind, now we have to wait and see if they come true.
What’s tastier, dozens of applause at your best stand-up comedy or knowing your movie is number one on Netflix? What are the differences?
– I think they are two very different things. There is just something about live laughter that is so intoxicating and exciting, but also incredibly stressful. That’s a bit quieter, because the movie has already been made, nothing can go right or wrong, that’s what it is. Then it gives me more opportunity to sit back and have fun.
After consulting feedback from the film’s makers, they criticized their work as being light or “light” but fun and that people know how the movie will end before it’s over. What do you think is the secret of the success of this movie? Did you expect this result?
No, I didn’t expect that, at all. It’s a romantic comedy and yes, it does follow predictable standards in its formula, and I think there was no effort to walk away from that. I have no idea who will be communicating with the audience, but I suppose it’s the characters and their interactions.
How did you picture in a pandemic? Is it almost an achievement? Any story during the filming?
– It was a little tricky because the security protocols were very strict. I’m never used to staying relatively far from actors (who didn’t wear a mask, of course). But little by little we found a smooth connection, and fortunately there were no positive cases during filming. We were one of the first Netflix movies filmed during the pandemic.
If I had shot this movie in Spanish and Costa Rica, would it have been as successful as it is on Netflix?
– Well, it’s hard to guess, but I’m sure he would have preserved his soul.
Without going into details, how is it working with Netflix? How is this achievement invested for you?
– Well, actually my salary is the same if the movie is good or bad, there is no direct benefit. But I hope this opens other doors and builds confidence to support my other projects.
Miguel Gomez, the great Costa Rican filmmaker, said he loved the movie and commented that the biggest challenge is getting people to sing. how did you do it?
– Thanks Miguel! Yes, it was a challenge because I’ve never shot a scene with a lot of people and a lot of action. But we practiced a lot, choreographed a detailed choreography between the actors and the camera, and were very prepared during filming.
With the “Love Hard” budget, how many movies would he have shot in Costa Rica?
Recently, the Costa Rican government passed a new law to encourage the creation of foreign capital films in Costa Rica. What do you think that? Can you shoot a movie for Netflix in Costa Rica?
Of course, Costa Rica has a lot of talent in all areas of cinema. It is important that this type of incentive is sought statewide, because we would be an ideal destination, as we are close to the United States and cheaper than Hawaii.
Will Costa Ricans without internet access, let alone Netflix, have any way to watch the movie?
– They say it was hacked there.
When does another comedy stand in Costa Rica?
– I still do not know, I hope soon!
What are you recording these days, if you can say?
– Promotional material for “Love Hard”.
Will Hernan Jimenez be the best director in Costa Rica from now on?
– That’s irrelevant, there is talent everywhere. The important thing is to support each other and continue to work, each in his own way, doing his best.
Finally, what do you say to the readers of DIARIO EXTRA?
My full gratitude to the Costa Rican public. They have supported me in all my projects for years and for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart for any success and dedicate them to them. Thank you.

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