Does Smith want to be President of the United States? This response came after the presentation of a portion of the Netflix documentary “The Fight For America”


will Smith Is the presenter Amendment: Fighting for America, A six-episode documentary series Netflix Which is reflected in equal in United State And where guests like Chileans will appear Pedro Pascal.

Along with the protagonist Mandalorian It will also appear in this project for Smith Other latin like Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate, 2019) Beside Mahershala Ali, Diane Lynn, Samuel L Jackson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Yara Witness or Sterling K Brown, Among many others.

And specifically about American policy, will Smith Interviewed on Pod Save America podcastWho leads the director John Favreau, Which was consulted on the nomination of a president United State: “For the time being, I’m going to let this office clean a little bit,” The actor said with a laugh.

“From there, I will consider my options. I don’t know, the truth is, of course, I have ideas and opinions. I firmly believe in understanding between people and in the possibility that harmony may prevail again.”, Controversy Smith.

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“What I am convinced of is that I will always do my part, either from an artistic perspective or through those hypothetical forays into the political arena.”, Was the famous actor’s finale

“Our hope in this series is to shine a light on the beauty of America’s promise, and to share a message of communication and common humanity so that we can understand and celebrate our various experiences as Americans and promote progress toward true equality promised to us. All persons under the Fourteenth Amendment.”When it was announced the release of the documentary series, the actor said.

Smith, Nominate to Academy Award For Best Actor “Ali” (2001) and “The Pursuit of Happiness” (2006)It is not only a presenter Amendment: Fighting for America It is also listed as an executive producer.

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