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Want more Google Pixel 6 wallpapers? Get it for free.

We have already given you Original wallpapers for the new Google Pixel 6 phoneBut the rate of leaks does not stop. With just over a week to go before the new Google phones are on display, the Youtube Brandon Lee partner Still more background images That will be included with the new generation of Google phones.

In total they Six new chests In an abstract style, it follows the lines of the rest of the images seen so far in the rest of the promotional materials for the Pixel 6. And all of them, in addition, combine perfectly with the new system of auto themes Android 12.

Some of the new features in the Pixel 6 interface.

Six new wallpapers for the Pixel 6, now available for download

It is clear that with the new Pixel 6, Google wants to improve User creativity With the Android 12 theme engine and material you, which is able to create files Themes automatically based on the background colors used.

So, as we have seen, both Pixel 6 wallpapers have a colorful lookMixing different tones to allow the system to create themes using each of the main background tones.

Download More New Google Pixel 6 Wallpapers

Wallpapers can be free download For use on any device. To get it at its most accurate, you have to Download shared photos on tweet Posted by youtuber.

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