Ebola virus outbreak in Uganda



11/26/202210:30 pmAuthor: agencies Source: agencies

While there is now a decrease in the number of Ebola cases in Uganda

  • authorities Uganda close schools across the country to stop the spread EbolaAlthough those in charge of the Ministry of Health assert that there is a declining trend in the number of new cases, which the government attributes to the measures taken to control the disease. break out An unusual strain from Sudan for which there is no vaccine.

Command to close all schools The announcement was made two weeks before the end of the course at the beginning of the month after that Eight children died of this virus very contagious.

However, in recent weeks she has been there, Health Minister Jane Roth told AFP Decrease in the number of new cases In the capital, Kampala, and the outposts of Mubindi and Kasanda.

“We ask the population to remain vigilant and cooperate with the health teams if we want to win this battle, and there are indications of Uganda’s victory,” he added.

  • The WHO country office said on Thursday that as of November 22, no cases had been reported for nine days in Kampala, 10 days in Mubindi and 12 days in Kasanda.

Successful efforts

the break out caused 55 deaths out of 141 cases, According to the Ugandan authorities, who have imposed lockdowns in Mubindi and Kasanda. Ago break out It was declared in Mubindi on September 20, and the disease has spread throughout this East African country.

According to WHO standards, prof break out It ended when it was not registered New cases for 42 consecutive daystwice the number of days it takes for the disease to incubate.

Acting Director of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa) said. Ahmed Oguel. The Kenyan epidemiologist added that “many actors made their contributions, enabling this success”.

However, the interim director of this AU institution was cautious and stressed the importance of Keep all alerts and possible measures to combat Ebola.

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