Ecuadorian Minister of Sports: $ 575,000 the state gave to the Council of Europe for the Olympic Games; With my trip to Tokyo I didn’t take the place of a masseur | Other sports | Sports


Sebastian Palacios asks for an explanation of how the resources are used. He says his stay in Japan is not covered by the Olympic Committee.

Sebastian Palacios, the sports minister located in Tokyo, spoke via The WhatsApp With EL UNIVERSO I confirmed it after JJ. OO. Clarifications will be sought from the leaders of the Ecuadorean Olympic Committee (COE), based on the tricolor athlete’s complaint. He confirms that his presence on that date did not keep the trainers or masseurs away.

You feel threatened by the complaints of Richard Carapaz and the other Olympians, said John Zambrano, Vice-President of the Council of Europe, and for that you blame the Council of Europe. It’s real?

What I said is nothing but the truth. It has made clear what responsibilities fall to sports organizations so that citizens know what competencies each individual possesses. The athletes’ complaints did not come from the Sports Minister, but from the athletes. This ministry will always be close to the athletes, aware of their needs. The COE will have to correct its mistakes after all that has been said.

This is the list of the Ecuadorean delegation in Tokyo 2020 handed over by the Ecuadorean Olympic Committee to the Ministry of Sports

Zambrano says he doesn’t understand the blame. He spoke of the “habit” of Ecuadorean cash (“Are we in Australia or New Zealand? We’re in Ecuador”).

Ecuadorean athletes are more talented than those from New Zealand or Europe. The Ecuadorean athletes showed us that, despite the circumstances, they are ready for great things, to win. This comparison is by no means relevant, but if we compare ourselves, we must put our country above those countries. Ecuador must have a winning mentality. Athletes show us that dreams come true. That we not only participate, but that we win.

Jorge Delgado Banchana on complaints from Ecuadorean athletes at Tokyo 2020: washing soiled clothes at home

Athletes complain, but former swimmer Jorge Delgado, president of that sport’s federation, and head of the COE mission in Tokyo, asks to “wash dirty clothes at home.”

By having the mindset of wanting to solve problems internally, or halfway through, we are where we are. It has come to my attention that some athletes are afraid to say things for fear of reprisals. This ministry told athletes that they could say the things they feel or think by always striving to solve fundamental problems. The only way to solve it is to find out what is happening and know it from those who live it day in and day out: the athletes. This is how it works. Transparency is not only on the side of how the resources (which the state gives to the Council of Europe) are used, but also on the side where everything can be said face to face. Athletes can talk.

How will you ensure there is no retaliation from the athletes who complained? Marina Perez (shot) is afraid of some measures affecting her career.

to be close to them. I offered to always be in touch, even from a distance. They can reach out by calling or WhatsApp message to know their status and to assure that their sports organizations are not providing them with something special, but what they deserve. We’ve talked to everyone. With Marina, with Juan (Caicedo, athlete) and I told them not to see me as a minister, and to look at me as another athlete until they trusted me to say things and knew we would be there to protect them. Our athletes deserve gold and they have proven it.

Olympic Shooting Federation President: Marina Perez’s complaints are out of context, they are untrue and hurt, I’m a coach. But there will be no revenge

And what do you say to the leaders?

They should know that this is the time for sports. Today all people think about sports. They watch it on TV, listen to it on the radio and are familiar with the performance of sports organizations. They should know that the Ministry is not alone in the knowledge of the performance of these organizations. We do not ask for anything out of the ordinary. We ask you to do your work efficiently and transparently.

Have you ever formally asked the Controller to audit the use of funds received by the COE?

When we return to Ecuador, we will submit a request to the COE to make this information transparent; How public resources were used, they were given $575,000. On the other hand, to find out the roles played by all the persons within the delegation. We also ask them to clarify all doubts raised, and complaints of athletes. If doubts persist, we will ask the Comptroller’s Office to conduct this audit.

And in your case, who pays for your stay in Tokyo?

In my case, the ministry assumes (value) the ticket; Only the expenses, borne by this bag from the state. Then, stay, transfer, it’s a coordination between the COE, the organizing committee and the Ecuadorean Embassy in Japan.

Wasn’t your share more useful for a masseuse?

It seems important to me that you write it. There were resources (for more support staff). It’s not that if the minister was traveling, he was left without being in JJ. OO. Physical therapist, doctor, or coach. That is why there is a list sent by the Center of Excellence, and if the Council of Europe, along with the federations, has specified that there should not be six physiotherapists but seven, then there are resources for the seven.

How long is your stay?

I do not have this value because the Ministry does not bear it. He only invested in the clip, in absolutely nothing else.

Do you have an item in your daily allowance?

It’s a good question that I must stress. I do not know. I will confirm it and send you through the contact area.

Imagine you took your money?

No, because I eat all the food at the competition venues. There are special places for people who go to events because there is no way to go to restaurants etc. And of course, what I consumed in the hotel, breakfasts etc., I will have to pay when leaving Tokyo with my credit card. What I should stress if there is food compensation in the travel rule, which is the only expense I have.

How is it packaged?

In two ways. There are some vehicles from the organizing committee that pick us up from the hotel, take us to the competition venue and bring us back. And on the other hand, for appointments to universities, with other sports ministers, the Ecuadorean embassy car helped me. I’m in Tokyo more than government representation for my work itself. We have a high performance plan that invests resources in the athletes and it is my duty to be close to these athletes to see how they are doing in competition.

Were you able to check for Ecuadorean sports coaches?

In the competitions I attended, I saw that the coaches were there, giving all the support. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the shooting range because I got into another competition. I rely on the complaints and on the words of the player herself (Marina Perez), who says: “This is not our coach, he is the captain (Juselito Padilla)”. (Dr)

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