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In the Tokyo Olympics 2020 It’s amazing that in Some of the disciplines that athletes get smaller, take advantage of Each country decides on the minimum age group of its representatives.

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in a skiing Discipline that first appeared in this Olympic GamesThere are several cases of young athletes such as kokona hiraki, At 12 years old he is the youngest actor of Japan in the Olympians. your teammate, Nichia MomijiOnly one year older than her. Hiraki

In this same sport are the British Sky Brown and Brazilian Risa Lille. Both are 13 years old and the youngest athletes in their delegations.

In the same situation is the German Lily Stoevasius Age 14 years. An exception to the rules of that country’s federation that accepts athletes over the age of 16.

In disciplines that have been in competition for several years, there are also underage athletes, such as Hind Zaza 12 years old, the first Syrian table tennis player to win a ticket to enter the Olympics.

The Chinese diver Guang Hong Chan, 14 years old, has spent half his life playing this sport

and in Artistic gymnastics, there is the Canadian Ava Stewart and the Belgian Juta VerstBoth are 15 years old.

from Mexico Diver Osmar Olvera He is the youngest athlete in the delegation at 17 years old.

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