El Francotirarock and Ugandan with over 500 grandchildren – El Francotirarock

El Francotirarock and Ugandan with over 500 grandchildren – El Francotirarock

This Christmas is life Maze Musa Hesahiya. This man was born in the town of Lusaka, located in Uganda, and He started having children at the age of 16. “He hasn’t learned anything from his people because…it’s not Lusaka! Leaving everything inside! Mzee!“, Flirting Alex Clavero.

Our comedian was absolutely shocked to find out There is someone who linked Julio Iglesias. Just the thought of the gifts has overwhelmed Clavero which is why he bets that the Three Wise Men have brought him bromide to slow down his family’s expansion a bit.

As seen in digital media, This Ugandan farmer had to stop having children because of the cost of living. “Seriously, Mzee… did you really have to get to 500 grandchildren to find out how much life costs? In his tribe there is polygamy, but there is no credit card!francoterrarock comments.

This man’s feat was possible because polygamy is legal in his town. “Yes, but your industrial polygamy! They are children’s, not bedside tables!adds the Rock FM monologue. In the broadcast interview, the Ugandan admitted that the names of all the children in his house are unknown.If you have 568 grandchildren… I step in with my nephews and I have 3! Sometimes I will scold someone and say…you! But if you call them, it looks like you’re communicating!francoterrarock comments.

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are you wondering Who is this guy Alex Clavero who has so much artistry and grace? Alex Clavero or Alex to friends or Alejandro to his mother when he makes a mistake is a comedian from Valladolid with roots in a town called Casasola de Arion. There is only one Álex out there so it’s easy to find if you’re looking for him for some joke you’ve heard under the penal code. Alex Clavero is synonymous with joy, good vibes, laughter and fun. He is a versatile man who has worked as a screenwriter, actor, comedian and stand-up. The comedy took him (and he still takes it) to travel a large part of the Spanish geography with live performances in bars, auditoriums and theatres. As if that weren’t enough, Alex Clavero has been a speaker and commentator at live sporting events, an entertainer at patron saint ceremonies and at award ceremonies. I have also been able to see him on the small screen and as a collaborator on various radio stations, although for two and a half years he has been the well-known brand of morning banter on the show ‘El Pirata y su Banda’ within the ‘Francoterrarock’ section.

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