Elon Musk reveals the possible cause of the SpaceX Starship rocket explosion


It happened on March 4 in Texas.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk pointed out This Tuesday, in a comment on what one of his followers posted on Twitter, that the explosion of the Starship SN10 missile may have been caused by a helium leakage into the fuel tank.

“The SN10 engine was low-thrust due to (possibly) partial ingestion of helium into the fuel tank,” Musk said, noting that as a result, the base and underside of the vehicle were crushed at 10 meters per second. At the same time, I promised to take it into account when developing my next SN11.

SN10 missile explosion Event On March 4 in Texas, after making landfall. Last Friday a billionaire reaction Of the accident, a kind of homage to the lost device through its connection with Norse mythology.

With the Starship spacecraft, SpaceX seeks to transport cargo and people to the Moon, Mars and other places in space. Each of them will be able to carry loads of more than 100 tons and 100 passengers simultaneously.

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