Eugenio Derbez admits that he would have liked to see his mother succeed in Hollywood


actor and producer, Eugenio DerbezIn one of the most successful moments of his life, he took on various projects in Hollywood and gained public fame, but recently revealed that he would have liked to share these victories with his mother, Silvia Derbez.

In an interview with El Universal, The artist was honest and remembered the woman who gave him life, who passed away at the age of 71, in 2002, was one of the greatest stars of Mexico’s golden age of cinema.

It should be noted that at that time, Eugenio has already been recognized in Mexico, Thanks to his comedic performances, but he hasn’t made that big of a step towards internationalization.

“I knew I was dreaming of going to the United States and when I passed away in 2002 I was at the height of my career in Mexico and I was already in my head and her head,” Representative expressed.

He asserted that he wished to advise his mother, At this point in his life.

“Everyone tells me “Sure (your mother) is watching you from there”, Well, yes, sure, but it would be nicer if I watched her from down here and could see her, have fun and talk to her, and she could keep advising me because she was my best friend, mentor, and critic.” Eugenio added.

Derbez said his mother knew his dream was to get to the United StatesSo, he wanted her to fulfill those desires.

“So every time I try to talk to her, I don’t know if she answers or meets me, but I trust she is. I would have loved her if I watched this because I knew better than anyone that this was my dream And I finally make it, said the actor.

in the late nineties, Eugenio was already successful with his productions “Al Derecho y al Derbez” and “Derbez en tiempo”. In addition to the fact that in 2002 he composed “The Family of P.

and next October 8, 2021, The artist will show his series “Acapulco”, Via Apple TV +.

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