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uedgueda Muñoz, left, in the 1,500m semi-finals.Charik Sokolovsky / AP

Águeda Muñoz, aptly named, is a Segovia woman with a strong character on the training ground, under the watchful eye of Arturo Martin, she surprises her teammates on mixed rounds with single ax punches, worthy of fellow Pereko, who leaves them cut off. His breath was cut off, as if he had pricked them with a pin that killed the man, and that in the indoor stadium in Toru, where he made his debut with the first team, he did not wrinkle, before growing up, against his tall and difficult rivals, and with a better brand, such as German Hannah Klein or British Katie Snowden. He fights and runs so fast that he qualifies for the 1500m final with a time of 4 meters 9.94 seconds, the best sign of his life, as he spent nearly five seconds ahead and a record for Spain under 23 at the indoor hall. a path.

Speech therapy study. I’m 21 years old. “The best thing she has is her youth and her insolence, which is lost later, so let’s have fun,” said killer Arturo Martin, the trainer who welcomed her to Madrid in 2019, where Segovian arrived after a “terrible” year of scholarship at the University of Albany (states United) and the death of her coach in Segovia, Isaac Suster. In Segovia, she returned to training on snowy days in Madrid, accompanied by her partner, fellow athlete Adrian Benn, fifth in the Doha World Cup with a distance of 800 meters and her main fan.

In what constitutes a historic plenary session, the three Spanish women – along with Agueda, the most seasoned Esther Guerrero and Marta Perez – qualified for the final of the nine (Saturday, 19.50). A complete statement of the renewal of the Spanish Women’s Fund that contains clear references on Natalia Rodriguez, Might Martinez and Isabel Macias, all of whom are already medals winners in the European Cup and the World Cup.

Daniela Garcia, 19-year-old Mallorca woman, who showed her great international debut with determination and bossy, is contributing more and more to the renewal of the middle ground. Front runner Like an old warrior. Audacity and brazenness were awarded the best new character (2m 4.14s) and pass to the semi-finals (this Saturday, 19.00).

Valencia’s Fatma Diem also broke the 6.60-meter-tall hurdles on a closed track. She did (6.62m) and qualified with the fourth best final for the final (Saturday, 19.40), which is supposed to crown the 18-year-old Italian Larisa Epicino.

The men of the 400 meters were victims of the absurdity of the rating system, only by stances (the first two of all nine series). There was no qualification over time, so neither Lucas Ba (46.92 seconds, 12th time) nor Samuel Garcia (47.02 seconds, 16), third and fourth in their series, went to the semifinals of 18 athletes, including the Romanian of 47.58 a second. And Albany from 47.42s. Oscar Houselos was saved from cremation. Valencia, already silver in Glasgow 19, deftly dominated his chain (46.83 s).

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