Evelia Gonzalez and Felix Potoy win the auditions; They aspire to better locations


Evidelia González and Félix Potoy outdone themselves in the second playoff to claim better spots in Tokyo 2o2o. The rowers of the island of Granada won their own tests, two pairs of simple oars, and next Wednesday they will fight for a place between 25 and 29 places in the standings in their first Olympic Games.

On Saturday night (Sunday morning in Tokyo), Evidelia set the best time in the second round of the final with 8:36.99 minutes, defeating Sarah Freinkart of Morocco (8:43.90), Joanne Poh of Singapore (8:47.77) and Claire Avon of Morocco (8:47.77). Togo (9:15.29). Grenadines will be measured on the fourth and final day of competition with Tala Abujbara of Qatar (8:24.24) and Kathleen Noble of Uganda (8:31.67), who finished the best time in the other torch and stand out as their lead. opponents.

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Botoi recorded 7:45.02 minutes at a distance of 2000 metres. The others in his heat were Privel Hinkati (7:49.46) of Benin and Riilio Rii (8:19.99) of Vanuto. The boy’s time from El Arado wasn’t the best in the second playoff, because in the other heat the Dominican Jorge Vasquez (7:42.80) stood out and looked like the most complex opponent the Granada-born player had played. At the end of the games next Wednesday afternoon.

Weightlifter Sima Nancy Lodrick will be the fourth of eight Nicaraguan women to make her debut in Tokyo on Monday. The young woman from Belwe Sabah will compete in the 64kg category alongside Yasmine Zmmit (Malta), Kiana Rose Elliott (Australia) and Shaima Rahmouni (Tunisia).

She is very strong and motivated,” Jose Antonio Garcia, her coach, said in a press release from the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee (CON). Lodrick was entered at 200kg with 87kg in the snatch and 111kg clean and jerk “Depending on his condition at warm-up time, we could even come up with 89 in the snatch and 113 in the clean and jerk,” Garcia said.

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