EVO, the important and prestigious fighting game championship, acquired by PlayStation


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Evolution Championship Series (EVO), Is one of the most prestigious esports events thanks to the fact that it has given us unforgettable moments. This series of combat tournaments has grown in a way that Sony decided to get it to be a part of PlayStation.

By statement, Sony stated that it has partnered with RTS, an esports company, to become the new owners of EVO. In so doing, they will be responsible for organizing new versions of the symbolic competitive gaming event.

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Tom and Tony Cannon, founders of EVO, will continue to work closely in an advisory role. This is with the goal that EVO continues to be a place enjoyed by the fighting game community and that is the key to its continued growth.

“The alliance represents a new collaboration that combines resources and expertise that will allow us to reach new global heights and the commitment of the fans in this unique tournament,” the statement said.

Sony said in the statement that it sought to obtain this agreement because fighting games are very popular on PlayStation consoles. Also because it gives them the opportunity to “break barriers” to present a global platform where fans can show their skills and passion.

EVO Online will be held this year

The first event in EVO’s PlayStation era will be EVO Online. As you probably remember, this online event was going to take place last year, but has been canceled due to various disputes.

EVO Online will be held on two different weekends in August. It will be from August 6 to 8 and from August 13 to 15. Entrance will be free for players from North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The games in which the tournament will be held in EVO Online will be TEKKEN 7; Street Fighter V Champion Edition; Mortal Fight 11 Ultimate s Gaulty Gear -Strieve-. Online meetings will have a live stream that fans can enjoy.

And you, what do you think of this convention? Do you think Sony and RTS can take EVO to new heights? Tell us in the comments.

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