Facebook regrets separating Messenger and giving it its own app, so it will integrate it with the social network again

Reports have been released for some time: the edge He said nearly a year ago That Meta is sorry for the Messenger disconnect and now the messaging platform reintegration is official. Meta is actively testing bringing Messenger back to FacebookAs stated on his blog.

We’re testing people’s ability to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app and we’ll see this test expand soon“, books Tom Allison, Head of Facebook.

The official announcement of Messenger comes in a very surprising and secret way. The blog entry does not have issues with Messenger as its main topic, but is titled “Facebook Today and Tomorrow” and chronicles the success and growth of the Reels format and Meta creators’ efforts to monetize their content.

The chat functionality is very important to Facebook since community chats have increased their membership by 50%, according to Tom Allison.

Having Messenger inside the Facebook app will undoubtedly be more useful than how it currently works. The app will also become more efficient in its own right, which is certainly a major concern as Meta continues its quest to reposition Facebook as attractive to young people and effective competition to TikTok. Of course, like Alison guarantee“,”Facebook is not dead or dying, but in fact it is alive and thriving with 2 billion daily active users.“.

Meta did not provide details on how many people will be part of the test to bring Messenger back to Facebook.

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