Fans in the United States protest and demand the departure of Santiago Baños


things inside America She remains tense due to the fact that many fans are unhappy with the club after failing to Opening 2021. Now, protests have reached several cities in United StateWhere they ask to get out of Santiago BanosSports President of the club.

This Wednesday, some fans hung banners outside the club asking the manager to leave. While after a day in cities like New YorkAnd Las vigasAnd Los Angelesthey and Dallas, they did the same thing.

The annoyance comes from the team’s poor quality of play, as they accuse it of bad and late signings, as well as dealing with promoters who don’t contribute anything to the club. On the other hand, the question of the possible exchange between Sebastian Cordova with Auriel Antona, From Guadalajara Club, the strong competitor of the Eagles.

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real time America continue to work for The end of 2022 They are waiting to strengthen themselves to stand out in the next tournament. Just talking about hiring Diego Valdes, who will leave Santos to strengthen the midfield of these kuaba.

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