FIFA and the government are leaving them out of the World Cup

FIFA and the government are leaving them out of the World Cup

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The Women’s football It is flourishing all over the world. Also in countries where development and equality can be lower than the European level. Kenya It was one such case that was brought to light until very recently, when the conflict between the national federation and the government ended with the suspension of FIFA. Now there are no international matches for their two teams, but there are complaints from footballers who have been banned by Gianni Infantino.

The conflict stems from the power struggle between the government and the union. FIFA has recently chosen to keep the national associations away from government authority so that football has its own voice. And when the Kenyan CEO violated this principle, FIFA took action on the matter. The government accused the union leadership of corruption, and after a “coup” in the organization, it formed a temporary committee to direct the entity.

President Nick MwendwaAfter being accused by the government of embezzling more than $300,000 in public money, he lost his job. also Barry Otieno, Secretary General of the organization and heavyweight champion of Kenyan football. Neither they nor the rest of the workers were able to enter the union facilities all this time. Thus, the control of football is divided as if it were two organizations: on the one hand the committee and on the other hand a federation.

FIFA, upon learning of the facts, asked the Kenyan government to restore the hierarchy of power in the body. The answer was no, and Infantino decided to punish the country. How do? Leaving Kenya without a chance for their teams to play for football. Something similar to what happened with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, but summed up in the power struggle between a government and a union.

Amina Mohamed, who is in charge of the state sports district, is the one who set up the kind of committee that runs football in the country. The Federation, after being expelled from its facilities, maintains its structure. However, neither of the two sources of strength were able to allow FIFA to give the green light to the teams. The sanction imposed in February continues, with footballers mainly affected.

FIFA also worsened its relations with the Kenyan government. The executive authority accuses them of allowing corruption in these organizations after opposing the dissolution of the union. Governing Body InfantinThrough his Secretary General he made clear his “commitment” to clean up football. “We are going to “Cooperate with any ongoing investigation with officials,” Fatma Samoura, one of the most powerful women in football, said today of her position at FIFA.

CAS . will decide

Despite everything, neither the men’s team nor the women’s teams were able to play their football matches. Women have recently had a sporting setback because of their calendar. Although their goal was to prepare for the competition, they were unable to enter the field of play in the qualifying matches for Africa Cup. Therefore, they will not be able to seek early qualification for the next World Cup.

FIFPROThe International Players Association has already denounced the facts and will go to TAS Dozens of players were banned from playing football with the national team. Which is that neither the government nor the federation were able to convince their national teams to play matches. The explanation given is that at the moment he is “unable to independently plan and successfully carry out any international match”.

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