First day in the office of Betis Ballonnesto

First day in the office of Betis Ballonnesto

back to work. to the office. To the park… Causeur Betis kicked off 2022-23 on the first day of training in San Pablo under Luis CasemiroThe technician who worked a miracle always last season.

done with Only six players from the first team. Internationals are missing Jeron and Deris BertansBeside Shannon Evanswho passed his medical on Friday at the Veamed Santa Angela de la Cruz hospital, but left to play for Equatorial Guinea this weekend’s matches against Cape Verde, Nigeria and Uganda to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. For this reason he was also missing love clipwaiting for Senegal’s list, while Cvetkovic He has permission from the club to join later. The last piece is missing Rodions Kurucswho is along with Bertans in the Latvian region, although his signature has not yet been announced by the club.

Yes, they have started Bozas, Jeremiah Hillalthough he was in Cameroon arranging the papers for the passport, he was not called to these windows, Pablo Almazan, PJ Johnson, Biz Wonzozawho is reunited with the coach who debuted on ACB.

That’s why the Verdiblanco coach has withdrawn Local players Eliam February, Diego Islava and David Antonescuplus two players who helped in these early days of preparation as Txemi Urtasun and Rafael CasanovaBoth have a past in the Seville club. 38-year-old Txemi Urtasun from Pamplona without a team after last season contributing to the promotion to ACB from Bàsquet Girona, the club headed by Marc Gasol, is still hoping to prolong his professional career that led him to the military in two stages (2010-12 and 2018 ) in the Seville entity.

Rafael Casanova, from Seville, 28, played in the lower echelons of Caja San Fernando before completing his internship in the United States, at Florida Technological University, and played in recent seasons at Levitc Huesca.

betis basketball, Negotiations are still pending with Coosur to extend its sponsorshipThe premiere is scheduled to take place before the start of the season September 3 against Benfica in the Lisbon International. The next day, depending on the results, they will play either Sporting de Portugal or Unicaja

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