First real look at the naming of the new video game in Mexico


As you already knowThe following video games to be accessed Mexico They will have a new label on the box as part of the new classification system in our country. This designation is equivalent to ESRB, only tropical for our territory. If you’ve been wondering what this label would look like in games, here we are sharing our first real look of it, and the truth is, it’s terrible.

Across Twitter, the user Alex Moreno (Embed a TweetWe shared the following photos that gave us our first real look at these new flags.


As you can see, the new poster not only has an awesome design, it is also bulky and covers a large portion of the front cover. On the back of this sticker is much more subtle and, as I said before, it replaces the space previously occupied by the ESRB rating.

Now, there are also games that come with a sticker already printed directly on the box, as with the New Pokemon Snap, And its design is much smaller. Here you can see it:

New poke

The general idea is that all video games are in the future Mexico Print this new poster directly on the box. The first image is where you see the giant logo on boxes PS4It’s a stamp you can remove, but that’s just a temporary one.

If you have further questions, we suggest you take a tour This article In which we explain in more detail how this new system will work, as well as the different types of stickers that we will see in the future.


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