From LeBron James to Billie Jean King

From LeBron James to Billie Jean King

Previous Billie Jean Kinga star NBA LeBron James And Players Association in WNBAThe women’s basketball league and many clubs in the men’s and women’s football leagues (Ml s NWSL), lament this Friday rule super top Eliminates protection of the right to abortion. The ruling was approved with the support of six of nine judges from the North American country’s highest judicial body.

LeBron James shared a message from the former US President Barack ObamaThis decision is considered “destructive”. Billie Jean King, tennis legend and tireless campaigner for women’s rights, asserted that “this is a sad day in the United States” and warned that the Supreme Court ruling “will not end abortion”, but “it will end health and legal access to this vital medical intervention”, in a letter on his account Twitter.

The Supreme Court ruling considers that The Constitution of the United States It “does not grant” the right to abortion in force since 1973 and returns the power to legislate this reproductive service to “the people” and their “elected representatives,” which would allow each state to decide whether to maintain or prohibit it. In this way, he maintains a Mississippi law restricting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy and goes even further by repealing precedents established in the past by the same court that protected that right.

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“Not only has the Supreme Court overturned nearly 50 years of precedent, it has removed the most intense personal decision anyone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues, attacking the fundamental liberties of millions of Americans,” Obama said on his Twitter account. by many athletes. The message you posted was “torn” and the symbol of a broken heart So Bird Through the same social network.

your team Seattle StormThey said they were “outraged and ready to fight”, considering it unacceptable that “people gained the freedom to buy weapons while women lost the freedom to decide their own future.” The Players Association issued a statement asserting that the Supreme Court ruling “offers an unfair path toward a ban on abortion that reinforces economic, social and political injustice and can lead to increased mortality, as well as destroy reproductive freedom for all.”

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The world of American football has also joined in the collective criticism of the Supreme Court ruling. Teams from the NWSL, Women’s League, and MLS, Men’s, have labeled the abortion decision an attack on human rights. “Freedom to decide about our own body is a fundamental right and it is impossible to negotiate,” he emphasized Orlando-Cityand MLS and Orlando Pridefrom NWSL.

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