El Guapo puts himself in the hands of Jerónimo Verde to return to the UFC

El Guapo puts himself in the hands of Jerónimo Verde to return to the UFC

El Guapo with Jeronimo Verdi. / C 7

The famous wrestler from Gran Canaria, who recovered from his last surgery, went to a high-ranking professional and on the island

Ignacio S

Juan Espino, El Guapo, wants to come back. Nothing more and nothing less than a UFC cage awaits after a long fracture forced by injuries, with a run through the operating room (from chronic epicondylitis in both elbows last March), the fighter from Gran Canaria begins to feel the sensations he needed to plan his return to the most famous cage in the world. the scientist.

“The life of a professional athlete forces you to make decisions in order to find the best path, but as a rule it is not the easiest, especially for those of us who believe in the purity of sport.
For this reason, I changed the scene, to focus more on recovery and muscle improvement without leaving Gran Canaria. I changed my residence so that I would not be distracted by my work and be able to focus on my recovery and return to competing in the UFC,” he admits.

Espino chose to put himself in the hands of “one of the best professionals” he had found:
Jerónimo Verde Pita, Director of Titan Gym Meloneras, which is among the top 10 of the best bodybuilding gyms in Spain.

Verde Pita is a personal trainer for competitive fitness and bodybuilding, holds a master’s degree in nutrition and is an international legend in his guild for the career behind him.

“I am very relieved to be able to put myself in Giro’s hands again because I know that on a muscular level, he will put me in the best shape possible and get my elbow back from whatever comes
. In addition to being an exceptional professional, I can say that Jiro is an old friend from my time in canary wrestling.“The athlete, who complies with a demanding preparation plan and is up to the challenges he faces in the United States, was recognized.

El Guapo adds three UFC cage challenges. The first and second ended with wins over Fraser (2018) and Hughes (2020) and in April 2021, in his fight against Romanov, he was caught up in controversy and due to a judge’s ruling that sparked widespread controversy, having dominated the fight.

“I want to relive my best moments and know I’m on the way”El Guapo insists he is “very excited” about the horizon opening up for him in conjunction with his gradual recovery.

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