From Querétaro to the World, ‘Manteconchas’ arrives on Netflix, Divine Gluttony – Diario de Querétaro


Mexican culinary prowess, guilty pleasures, and plenty of cravings can be seen in it “Divine Gluttony”; A new documentary series on Netflix featuring tastings and History of Queritana “Manteconcha” It has been documented.

In the Conchidas chapter, the appearance of this soft and delicious bread that became famous in 2018 after combining its original shape and flavor with shortbread is narrated.

In addition to searching for an answer to why this invention spring bakery It became very popular throughout the country, and the name of those who baptized them and made them go viral on social networks was revealed.

It’s nothing more and nothing less than Fernando Jiménez, a famous writer from Queretaro – winner of the Amparo Davila National Award for Outstanding Short Story and the Salvador Gallardo Davalos National Award for Young Literature – who went to the establishment and bought this bread. Before trying it, he took a picture of it and posted it on his social networks under the pseudonym “Manteconcha”.

“I saw Manticuncha with other breads and fortunately before eating it I took a picture of them and all of my contacts were very excited.. A cousin who lives in Texas sent me a picture: “They actually sell manticuncha in the US! ´.” Some candidates came up with ‘manteconcha’, and people – people I didn’t know – wrote to me and said: ‘I saw this bread two months ago in Veracruz’ (…) ‘, the writer heard say.

In addition to the history of “mantikoncha”, in the same chapter other ways in which the crust rose to fame are listed: stuffed with chile, “variety and full of pride” and even with hamburger meat and fried eggs.

“La Divina Gluttony” also offers other pleasures “that make tummy ache worth it,” like Micheladas (a beer with seafood, chewing gum and even dried meat), prepared chips (dorilocos and drip cups), misguided desserts (sweet gangs and jelly cakes), kilo (a kid-sized burrito and a ten-story skyscraper) ) and much more.

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