from the movie! This is how reptiles were hidden in man’s clothes

from the movie!  This is how reptiles were hidden in man’s clothes

It was like in a movie, a guy tried to hide a reptile in his clothes, but things weren’t that easy.

In total, he wanted to liquidate a total of 52 animals of this species illegally, but the policemen who were in the area arrested him in the attempt.

Yes, it all sounds more like a movie and here we detail how things happened around this weird fact involving these little animals.

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This is how the man hid 52 reptiles in his clothes

The events took place on the US border with California, but the border guards found out what was happening.

According to reports, the agents were able to detect the presence of 52 live reptiles, who were tied up in small bags.

Photo: CBP

Agents noted that the bags were hidden in various items of clothing on the man, including in the man’s jacket, pants pockets, and the thigh area.

It was there that they managed to capture 52 reptiles who said that the subject had hid in various places to cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

What did the cops do when they realized the animals were hiding?

The events took place on February 25 and it was US Customs and Border Protection agents who found 52 reptiles.

But the facts were revealed in recent days, through a statement published by the foundation.

Photo: CBP

In this regard, they pointed out that the discovered reptiles, 43 horned lizards, and 9 snakes, were placed in a safe place and will remain in quarantine, as some species are classified as endangered.

The man who stashed the reptiles in his clothes has been arrested for smuggling wild animals and is in the custody of immigration and customs authorities.

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