Gigi Hadid will debut on Netflix with the teen series Never Before. | News from Mexico


United State. – Gigi Hadid was in modeling career And he never showed any interest in him for the first time How an actress As did some artists recently.

But Hadid is finished give And he posted on his Instagram that he will be part of “Yonever”, The Teen series Divided Mindy Kaling For Netflix and what it has achieved fascinate for different users of the platform.

I never did before

The series plays with monologue The interiors of some characters, especially with Devi (Maitri Ramakrishnan) who narrates his life from the voice of John McEnroe; Then came the role of Ben Gross character (louison years) with monologue Andy Samberg.

There is another character outside of this love triangle which is about paxton (Darren Barnett) and the voice chosen for his ideas was supermodel Gigi Hadid, although the main idea was Chrissy Teigen, but Withdraw for the project in June.

“I had the best time narrating the new episode of I Never Take Care of You, Pax! Check out Season 2 now on Netflix!!!,” Zayn partner Malik wrote to announce his participation in the show.

the second season

distance anarchism The events that occurred during the first installment, this new season is constantly promising The love triangle between Paxton, Davy and Ben. In addition to continuing to tell the story of obsessed teens who seem to possess يمتلك hormones for flower skin.

The the hero of the story You’ll keep trying to fit in with your world of family traditions, your desires to be famous, your teen’s yearning, your love of threesomes, and the potential idea of ​​own two friends At the same time.

In this note

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