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Most of the mobile apps that have their web version, such as WhatsApp, Word, Telegram, etc., have different keyboard shortcuts that will help you simplify some steps without having to use a mouse. In this opportunity, we will explain what will happen if you press the combinations Control + Shift + B in Before doing that, first find out what it’s all about.

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It is important to clarify that on some computers or laptops with Windows and Mac operating systems, key combinations are disabled by default when entering the email system, However, below we will show you the steps to activate it, so when you press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B, it will work without any problem.

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How to enable key combinations

  • first open gmail From a PC or laptop.
  • Now, tap on the sprocket (gear) icon located at the top right.
  • Click “View all settings”.
  • A new window will open with several tabs, click on the one that says “General”.
  • Next, scroll the space bar down until you find the “Key combinations” section.
  • On the right you will get two options, select the one that says “key combinations are activated”.
  • Finally, at the bottom, tap the button that says “Saving changes”.

What happens if you press CTRL + SHIFT + B in GMAIL

If you press these key combinations in the web version of gmail, two things will happen: First, you will get an “Applications” tab at the top left, if you click on it it will automatically open all the Google apps like: Chrome web Store, Google Drive, Spreadsheet, YouTube, etc.; Second, after clicking the button to create a document, you will quickly add recipients to Bcc, what is this? A function to send the same bcc email to multiple people.

Best keyboard shortcuts for composing emails

  • Open a new newsroom: c
  • Compose in a new tab: d
  • Back to the mailing list: u
  • bold: Control + b
  • Script: Control + i
  • Underline: Control + u
  • Numbered list: Control + Shift + 7
  • Bulleted list: Control + Shift + 8
  • Sita: Control + Shift + 9
  • Align text left: Control + Shift + l (ele)
  • Align text to the right: Control + Shift + e
  • Align text to center: Control + Shift + r

Do you have problems with gmail? If the platform is running slow or not loading properly, tap And follow all the steps to solve the problem. If these solutions do not work, consult To see if there are any known issues with Gmail.

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