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Do you want to put your invisible name ? There are countless tricks in the app, many of which are not used by its users. From now on, it is possible to send an image that has been seen once or all messages will disappear within 24 hours. But now there is a tool that is causing quite a stir.

in a It is not only possible to send an invisible text, but also to put your name without a single word appearing. How do you do that? To do this, we will give you all the steps so that you can put it into practice without fail.

Look: WhatsApp: How to send invisible text in the app

How to put your invisible name in WhatsApp

  • This will help you protect your identity.
  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp.
  • Then click on your profile or account picture.
  • At that moment an option will open for you to edit your name.
  • At that time you must enter this from Unicode.
This way your name will remain in case you decide to put invisible text on it. (Photo: mag)
  • At that moment, you have to copy the transparent icon that is in the box.
  • Now paste it with your name a few times and voila.
  • When you update, you will notice that your WhatsApp name will be blank or transparent.
  • This way, if someone adds you to a WhatsApp group, they will not know your name unless you add them as a contact.

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