God of War will have a patch to harness the power of the PS5; It will go to 4K and 60fps


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Now it’s the perfect excuse to play again God of War, Famous Santa Monica studio project. The thing is, the studio announced that it will release a patch that will allow you to harness the power of the PlayStation 5 so that it looks and works better than ever.

Through a post on your blogTomorrow, Feb.2, Santa Monica Studio reports that they’ll release a free patch for God of War. This is an update that will replace the current quality and performance modes to provide a better experience for PlayStation 5 users.

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So once you install the patch and run God of War On PlayStation 5, you’ll notice that you have the opportunity to choose the new Performance Mode. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the game at 60 frames per second and in 4K resolution with chessboard technology.

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picture God of War Captured on PlayStation 5

In case you want to choose the original performance mode for God of War You can also do this. That is, you will still have the option to be able to play it at 30 frames per second if you want.

God of War Part of the PlayStation Plus group

If you have a PlayStation 5, but haven’t bought it yet God of War, You should know that you can get it at no extra charge.

What happens is that God of War It is part of the PlayStation Plus group. This is a benefit for PlayStation Plus users with PlayStation 5. Thanks to it, they can access some of the most famous titles on PlayStation 4.

And what do you think of this option? Are you excited to have fun God of War With this new mode on PlayStation 5? Tell us in the comments.

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