How to change WhatsApp keyboard on iOS and Android


The keyboard It is one of the primary tools for smart phone. Thank you Keys By default, we can send messages, make comments, search the internet, and write documents. Due to its importance to our digital activities, it is common for users to want to customize it.

although The WhatsApp get rid of the changes At the bottom of Monitor Or in mode (whether it’s light or dark), it doesn’t allow modifications to appearances keyboardBecause it uses the default by cell phone. However, this is not a hindrance to take a fresh look at Keys From you Device.

Here we tell you how to change a file keyboard from The WhatsApp, The two are in Male in appearance as it’s like in iOS.

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For this Personalization at The WhatsAppSearch for a file keyboard As you wish, through Google Play Store, App Store, or Applications From you smart phone.

You might have hundreds of options, but XDA Developers determines that these are the three best Keyboard apps For iOS s Male in appearance.


According to Microsoft SwiftKey support, that’s Implementation It contains advanced error correction, word prediction, translator, multiple languages, volume adjustments and theme change to place your favorite color.

It also has different modes from writing That suit your needs, for example, writing With one hand keyboard Divided by thumbs and keyboard Float to put on part of Monitor what you want.


because this Implementation Belongs to Google, keyboard It is able to perform direct searches when needed, and also points to the Gboard Help page. Aside from search engine and auto-correction, Gboard He does subtitles as you type, has phonetic dictation, includes multiple languages, and even writes in Morse code.

As if that wasn’t enough, it contains different elements of Personalization, Such as emojis, stickers, themes, and designs.


According to its official website, Fleksy holds the Guinness Book of Records with the name keyboard The fastest in the world, due to the speed of its reaction Keys And its automatic correction.

but that is not all: keyboard He has direct access to the rest of the files Applications-More than 45 languages, set file size Letters, Different methods of writingAnd change and create special topics for the largest Personalization.

Select the keyboard Which convinces you a lot and download it to a file cell phone. From here, we tell you step-by-step what to do.

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When you download a keyboard From your preferences, enter Implementation And complete the installation steps. Then go to Settings> System> Languages ​​& text input> keyboard at Monitor.

In other versions of Male in appearance-The operation is different: Settings> General Administration> Language & input> keyboard at Monitor. If you cannot find it with these steps, then locate the search engine at the top of the file Monitor And writes “keyboard at Monitor“.

Then every keyboard Available in file cell phone. If you don’t see the one you want, click “Manage.” keyboardAnd activate it.

Now go to … The WhatsApp, Open the chat and tap where “write a message” appears. The keyboard You’ll see an icon in the lower-right corner of the Monitor. Every time you press this button, you can select if you want a keyboard The default or the new.

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The process is similar in iOS: Download Implementation keyboard That you want, complete the installation process inside a file Implementation, Enter the section Settings> General> keyboard > keyboard.

Within this option, there will be a menu with an extension keyboard Installed on your iPhone. You can delete the ones you don’t use or just put them in the order you want. It is important that you accommodate them because that way you will be able to swap them out more easily.

Opens The WhatsApp-Go to chat and view the keyboard. In the lower left corner, there will be a universal icon that toggles languages ​​and keyboard when you want.

With these simple actions, you can take a fresh look at a keyboard And you will access other functions apart from the default jobs in the smart phone.

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