Goodbye statuses in the app, now it will look like this


With the new app The WhatsApp Countries will disappear and have a similar design to change Fleets amplifiers.

WhatsApp is preparing for a new and very ambitious update that will include many improvements and functions. Which makes the main messaging app a social network easier to use. In past updates we have already been able to enjoy some useful tools, such as the ability to speed up audios, the ability to connect from many devices, more security, and photos and messages that are deleted after viewing.

But this new design update will fundamentally change how images are displayed and published. condition. Since their arrival, they have successfully shared photos, videos, and moments with friends, family, and contacts registered in the app. These are stories similar to those on Facebook or Instagram that last for 24 hours and are subsequently deleted automatically. But it will be different soon.

Image: WhatsApp Beta

Similar to Twitter Fleets, en The WhatsApp There will be no special section of states anymore; Instead, users will be able to see each of their favorite contacts by touching their profile picture. When you touch his profile picture, the app will ask you if what you want to see is profile pic, or see its condition.

Similar to how Twitter stories work, you can now have direct access to statuses. However, it is currently only available in the beta version of the app, and it will be available after the update is released for all devices. At the moment, it is only available for a few Android users.

In this new update, you can also fit emojis, GIFs, and stickers within it The WhatsApp To find the ones you use often and to be able to put them in folders according to your label. It will also be possible to transfer chats and information from iOS devices to Android, among many other functions.

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