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If you are talking about the fastest Internet browser, you will certainly find different opinions, some consider Apple’s Safari to be the fastest and others think that it is Microsoft Edge, however, there is a browser that stands out above all, we refer to The most used search engine in the world. In this opportunity, we will teach you a trick so that Chrome will always be the default search engine, do you want to know how to do it? We will explain that below.

What is the default search engine? Simple, every time you open , Google must appear as the home page and not another page. Often due to a mistake you made involuntarily or due to any failure of the browser itself, pages that you do not want appear.

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as you remember, Google Chrome It is a space where you can find any questions related to a topic that interests you and similarly, what you want is to save time, which is why there is a debate about which browser is the fastest.

To save time, Google has enabled certain shortcuts like Find what you want from the address bar (where the link goes), but for various reasons, when searching for something from the aforementioned bar, Yahoo! Search, another browser. When that happens, you should put so that you can only browse Chrome.

How to set Google Chrome as default browser

  • From a computer or laptop, go to
  • Now, tap on the three vertical dots present in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, click “Settings”.
  • Then go to the left side and click “Search”.
  • Here you have to look for the section of the same name.
  • When you find it you will get the following description “The search engine used in the address bar” and to the right Change Yahoo! Search by google.
Change Yahoo! By Google (Photo: mag)

Do you have problems with Google Chrome? If your browser crashes, crashes or does not open a webpage and you see the following messages: “Proxy Error in Google Chrome” or “This webpage is not available”, click To find out solutions and recommendations that help solve this problem.

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