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As a whole rock star, The Swedish activist Greta Thunberg The crowd gathered in concert against him climate change employment Stockholm This Saturday when he started dancing instead of giving a speech in favor planet. The aides did not stop applauding him.

It was like this, dressed in black wool, Greta Thunberg He surprised his fans and those who attended the concert that was held against him climate change Sing and dance to the song on stage “never give up”Written by Rick Astley We are no strangers to love.

The Swedish environmental activistAnd Greta Thunberg, sorry this Saturday that United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26), which will begin in two weeks’ time Glasgow, will not have major changes, despite being a file ‘decisive’ summit for a future planet.

“In the current situation, this COP will not have major changes.”

Greta Thunberg

during the Concert against climate change organization in Stockholm, The movement leader Friday for the future said that COP26 And all international meetings “have the power to change things, because they bring together so many people. We must ensure that this opportunity is seized.”

during the summit Glasgow (In Scotland), scheduled for October 31-November 12, the countries of the world will negotiate with the goal of reaching an agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“We will continue to press (…) I hope we finally realize that we are facing an existential crisis and that we must act accordingly.”

Greta Thunberg

as Thunberg, it is necessary to “change the appearance and stop trying to create ports in programs, and focus on saving planet and living conditions for future generations.

According to the latest estimates from United Nations, which was published in mid-September, Globalism It is heading towards a “catastrophic” temperature rise of 2.7°C before the end of the century.

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