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Danilo G. Santos has been living in California for 22 years. With “Taxy”, the opportunities in the world of cinema are very promising.

Danilo J. Santos (44 years old) settled in the United States in 1999, has been living in North Hollywood (California) since 2009, and his relationship with cinematography was something that was not in his plans. “The reason I came to the United States is to study at university. Presumably I came to study business And for these things in life, I changed my studies to film and television production and directing, which is where I found my true profession. Although I have loved cinema all my life, and since I remembered that I filmed with my sister’s camcorder, “says Santos.

While filming Taxy: Actresses Marianne Ebert, Danilo Santos (center) and Primo Gonzalez.

TaxiHis short film won many awards such as Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Narrative in various festivals and participated in others such as Frog Baby Film Festival, Orlando Hispanic International Film Festival, Vistas Film Festival, Black Swamp International Film Festival, Flint Film Festival, Nalip Latino Media. In total, the short film was an official selection from eleven festivals and won awards and certifications in four of them. “It was also on three public channels in Ohio, Indiana, and Florida.”

Taxi It’s about a taxi driver who works at night. One day he picks up a desperate woman who has just discovered that her husband is cheating on her. The two share a night of fun with an unexpected ending.

Carlos Valencia in a scene from the movie “Vale todo” (2010). Photo: Xavier Zurita

The short film, which lasts 23 minutes, stars Mexican actor Primo Gonzalez and Marianne Ebert, a Brazilian actress who died in March 2020, according to Santos, whose filmography, as producer, consists of everything goes (everything goes, 2010), With Ecuadorean Carlos Valencia and Royce Gracie, a Brazilian martial arts specialist. On TaxiSantos is also a screenwriter (along with Brett Farvell and Brian Lozier), producer and director; Complete the list with . Ellie and Marianne (2006), as a screenwriter, camera operator, and actor.

Danilo says he admires many filmmakers, but there is definitely an Italian who is very admired. “One of the reasons why I decided on this profession is the Italian director Giuseppe Turnator After watching his movie paradise cinema (1988). It was love at first sight, because I love the way he tells stories. Among my favorite directors are American Michael Mann and Oliver Stone as well.”

from everything goesSantos recalls. “I was one of the producers of the film. This project was already produced a few years ago in Ecuador and the United States. I was living in the United States and contacted the director of the film, Roberto Estrella, after I found his article on the Internet at EL UNIVERSO. We reached out and talked about his project and how much I liked it. It was Going through some problems She made the movie and gave him some tips on how to fix it. Then he hired me to finish producing everything goes And to this day we are still good friends.”

Since 2007 Santos is dedicated to cinema and everything goes It was his last production. “Over the past few years, my hands have gone through other projects, but nothing ever came of it. I decided to work on smaller productions like Music videos and commercials. I also opened a company to promote artists like urban artists, photographers, painters, etc., which I did very well until in 2019 a new project arrived that caught my eye. It’s about the movie KatrinaWritten and directed by a Venezuelan actor based in the United States Fernando Gaviriawhich I produce. It’s a horror and fantasy film about Katrina’s Day of the Dead in Mexico.”

Santos adds that the script of the film is finished as well anything goes 2to begin pre-production. “We already have some offerings with video transmission services (platforms flow). Contract with the distributor for the first movie of everything goes It’s over, so our plan was to sell the two films as one package.”

Watch the full short movie Taxi:

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