Halo Infinite hid the cinematics on its finale, and fans have already come up with theories of their own


Players have already found hidden details in both the single player and multiplayer campaign.

Although his evolution was somewhat cloudyAnd infinite aura It is the dream of many players. This is why it has a community seeking all secrets Delivery, something proven by positioning Funny reference to Craig, the quintessential game meme. However, the new discovery is far from being a comical tale, since it was revealed subtle kinetics in their final credits.

Needless to say, we will not comment on this video to avoid spoilers for those players who want to start the adventure completely free of opinions, although we already expect it to continue. A little over 30 seconds It does not touch on the main aspects of the argument. However, we invite you to watch it from the YouTube channel of Gamecheat13, where they share this rarity.

The reasons why 343 Industries decided to do this Remove this content From the game, but this does not prevent players from already putting up all kinds of theories on the Internet. After all, it is curiosity that slightly expands the game experience, and contains the reviewer Which can be discovered by fans of the franchise.

This is not the first secret to be revealed about Halo Infinite, as several characters were revealed at the beginning of the month Hidden modes for your multiplayer mode. Whatever it was, Halo Infinite managed it big hole In today’s spaces and in the hearts of its players thanks to this combination of Nostalgia and great work Which stems from delivery, something we hung on your analysis.

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