He finds his young love… after 60 years!

He finds his young love… after 60 years!

Argentina: An 80-year-old woman met Jack in her youth, with whom she fell madly in love, but by chance they had to part, as he went to live in Belgium.

They both got married, had children, were widowed, and after 60 years they met again.

At the airport, Christina was waiting for him, who greeted him with a big hug and several tears. The event was documented by Christina’s granddaughter, Velen Pesci, who also shared it on her TikTok account (@velenpesci).

@employee My grandmother was reunited after 60 years with her teenage love #you see it #relationship #fyp ^ A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

During the clip, Fellin tells a bit of his grandmother’s story and accompanies her to the romantic song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

Their wedding video has over a million views and continues to receive countless congratulations for the happy couple.

“When it touches you, not even if you take it off and when it doesn’t touch you, not even if you put it on. Love lives and its destiny!”, “This is proof that they never stopped loving each other, congratulations!”, “What a beautiful couple I wish you all happiness in the world” to mention some comments.

@employee My grandmother got married at the age of eighty! #you see it #relationship #fyp ♬ Till My End – IL DIVO

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