He’s 18 years old and had an impossible bowling shot that didn’t happen in three decades

Anthony Neuer 7-10 in the US Open semifinals

at the end of this week Bowling The American witnessed his epic moment during the national competition that gathered the best players from all over the country and among them was one of the surprises Anthony Noir, Who was 18 in critical situations and in the semi-finals managed to capture a unique shot rarely recorded by cameras.

The thing is A gingerbread killer (Ginger Keeler) announcer Fox SportsRob Stone successfully beat 7-10, which is the toughest bowling shot and even classified as impossible. To get dimensions to what happened this weekend, Noir became the fourth player in PBA (Professional Archers Association) history to be able to defeat both Pines while the tournament was broadcast on television.

Scenarios 7-10 are the most complex of all scenarios since the only two clubs to be dropped are the clubs at the extreme end of the pyramid. For this reason, players are generally able to shoot one of them, but they do not make both of them fall, as it is impossible for the impact of the ball to allow this to happen.

The 18-year-old did so after one of the pine trees fell off by the ball, punching hard at the other end and hitting the other. Immediately a madness erupted in the place and the audience’s applause was heard. Jacob Butorf He immediately approached his opponent and congratulated him on what he had achieved. Meanwhile, from the transmission room, the glorification was greater: “Give me some water and oxygen,” the commentator shouted as he saw what had happened.

The last time this happened on the PBA Tour was in 1991 and the first record captured by camera dates back to the 1950s. In the past 70 years, it has only been seen 7-10 times on television four times, indicating the difficulty of such a shot. And so expected You definitely have to wait over a decade to see another split for this style.

Unfortunately new, Whose father, Andy, was a bowling figure when he won the PBA Tour title in 1994, his exceptional performance in that shot did not serve him well. Buturf was left with a comfortable 257-203 win, both far from the perfect game, so no balloons fell into the field with the number 300 printed. But despite this, the 18-year-old American will be able to tell everyone that without winning the American Championship Open, he managed to make history.

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