How do I find my phone if it is lost or stolen?

How do I find my phone if it is lost or stolen?
How do I find my phone if it is lost or stolen?
So you can locate your phone more easily. | Photo: Internet.

A series of modifications in cSetting up your Android phone can increase the chance Locate a lost or stolen mobile phone. See what settings they are around.

Android settings to locate a lost or stolen device

Find my device

Yes good, Find my device is the original function of AndroidAnd the Who takes advantage of the Google site service to be able to do so Locate the mobile device It is active by default, it may have been customized in the privacy options.

for Activate the Find My Device function on your Android phone, Follow this step by step:

  • Enter the menu “Settings” from the device
  • Choose “The Google”
  • Click Find my device
  • Activate the function

Next, it is important to check whether the location options are enabled or not The Google, So:

  • Enter the menu “Settings” from the device
  • Choose “Site”
  • Click “Advanced Options”
  • Sign in to Google Site Accuracy
  • Activate the option “Improve site accuracy”

To verify that the adjustments are made correctly, enter the platform “Google find my device”, Select the corresponding device and the results returned by Google should correspond to the current location of the mobile phone.

On this site, it is also possible to lock the device and close accounts The Google Open on the phone and erase the data on the phone.

It is important to consider that The location of the mobile device can be determined Use this option whenever you are online and within range.

Message on lock screen

else Option to locate a mobile device through lock screen messagesknown as Signature on the lock screenwhich can be used to put contact information in case your phone is lost, such as a phone number or email.

This is how you can activate it:

  • Sign in to “Settings”
  • Choose “Monitor”
  • Click “lock screen”
  • Choose option lock screen message
  • write the message

With this option activated and customized, it may be easier to provide enough information to locate the owner of the device, but without revealing it due to the personal information displayed.

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