How to win in Clash Royale 2v2

How to win in Clash Royale 2v2

One of the most fun Clash Royale modes is 2v2, where we can team up with another player to defeat the enemy duo. Things are even crazier In this type of game, especially when it comes to good synergy with your partner, and if actions are not performed well, this can end in defeat.

Because they both have different floors, It’s a complex task Take wins this way. However, in our The complete guide to clash royale We have the best tricks to win 2v2 mode so you can claim all the rewards.

41 Clash Royale tricks you must know to win

Don’t sign out

Being offline is one of the worst things you can do in this situation, because You are basically leaving the game in 2v1. This is unfavorable to your friend and you will end up as a bad player, in addition, you will still have fewer mugs if you leave. It should be noted that if your internet is down, it is obviously valid, but it is necessary to confirm it because there are many users who drop the connection when they see that their device is losing.

Do not use feedback or notes

clash royale

2v2 Clash Royale Reactions

Messages or emojis have become very popular in Clash Royale, and players often express themselves when they are happy or angry during the game. This is in 2v2 mode is a waste of time, Avoid doing this and better focus on all the moves you plan to perform to stop the enemy’s attacks and counterattack.

Try to time your attacks

clash royale

Attack in 2v2 Clash Royale

Every time you go to summon a unit on the battlefield, be sure to take a close look at the cards your partner has, This show you. Analyze what you have and play accordingly to try to time your attacks, so you know when to act as a reinforcement or an attack.

Help your partner

clash royale

clash royale teamwork

The idea of ​​the game is to work as a team, Don’t let your partner summon units alone Because they might oppose it. If he throws a warrior, try to use a card that cooperates well with him to create a powerful group of troops.

Be careful with the elixir

clash royale

As in the other styles, the elixir is the source of energy and you have to use it wisely. In the same way, Use this to your advantageA good tactic is to watch what your opponents are doing to see when they are at a low level of elixir to counterattack.

double elixir stage

clash royale

When the match base time passes, they enter the double elixir stage for 1 minute. If this happens to you, don’t worry too much about your elixir, use whatever you have and ignore your partner so they can Destroy towers quickly before time runs out.

Develop effective strategies

clash royale

Strategies are necessary to implement them Good fight with your partner, If you have the ability, send signals to your friend so that he understands your movements or try to be the one who follows his movements so that he can devise effective tactics and win the match as soon as possible.

be the second

clash royale

Just like your duo, your enemies They will have two floors, so it will be more complicated figuring out how they work to answer them correctly. Therefore, it is a good idea to let them do the first strike to start analyzing their cards and have the potential to generate strategies.

If you apply all these tricks When will you participate in 2v2 You will greatly improve in combat. This is not the only way you should practice it, there are also tips on it Clash Royale Choice Challenge Mode.

How to play Clash Royale on PC and Mac

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