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It is a version of YouTube for those users who pay a certain amount of money per month, but the fact is that these customers have more benefits than regular subscribers, as they can watch videos in the background, listen to music on YouTube Music without appearing ads and the option to download videos; But the said platform was testing a new function called “Smart Downloads”, what is it and how can I test it? We will explain that below.

with You can download the videos you want so that you can watch them later on certain occasions when you do not have an Internet connection, for example: when you are in an area with no coverage or you are traveling on a plane. Now, the app has launched a new “Smart Downloads” tool, which will be valid for a limited time, namely until February 14, 2022.

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What are YouTube Smart Downloads

How are the regular downloads it offers you different? YouTube Premium And the new “Smart Downloads”? It’s simple, the former is done manually, however, with the latter, the application itself will automatically download a total of 20 videos on a weekly basis that it recommends to you, of course based on the algorithm of your tastes and preferences. The tech portal mentioned that it’s important to make it clear that it will do this when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, and not when using mobile data. .

  • To use Smart Downloads, open First, make sure that the app does not have pending updates in the Google Play Store.
  • Now, tap on your profile picture icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Here, click on “Your Premium Benefits” > “Try New Features” section.
  • After entering, find the option “Smart Downloads” and activate it.
  • Return to the main part of Youtube And go to “Library” > “Downloads”.
  • Finally, here you will get the Smart Downloads tool, enable it so the app will start downloading the 20 recommended videos of the week.

Done, so you’ll always have videos to play even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, mobile data, or the internet. Remember that on February 14th this option will disappear and can be added during this year if approved by Google.

How to sign out of YouTube on unknown devices

  • Open YouTube from a computer or laptop, important.
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Next, go to “Settings” and enter “View or configure account”.
  • At that moment, the app will take you to a new Google panel.
  • Click on the Security tab and scroll down.
  • Here you will see the “Your Devices” section.
  • Enter it and start logging out of all smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops where you put your account.
  • If you do not remember a login, it is better to close everything completely.

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