“I don’t want to be prevented from going out on the street”


Gonzalo Higuain currently plays for Inter Miami in the NBA. One option that appeared for his retirement was a return to River, the team from which he came to Madrid in 2007. However, the forward ruled this option out in an interview in “90 Minutes” on ESPN: “My head is expected to fulfill my contract at Inter Miami. There is no chance of that.” I put myself back into the pressure bubble and couldn’t go outside. I am in harmony. My retirement is approaching and I have my head on other projects. Football is a jungle and everyone should take care of their donkeys.”

The player went on to explain: “I don’t want to deceive anyone. I don’t want to say yes and then it won’t happen. I wouldn’t go back to River if I didn’t have everything We wouldn’t walk around and live on speculations I would always be grateful, I would be greatly respected, But I don’t like to play with people and come back for not giving my best. The river doesn’t deserve it, and neither do I. Return to Argentina will not happen. I am 33 years old and see my future here (USA). I will enjoy playing football in this league.”

The Argentine striker analyzed his relationship with football, saying: “I love football and will always love it, I enjoyed it and suffered from it. Lately, I’ve been less impressed with seeing him. The other day I ended up watching Manchester City 2-1 PSG on the phone because my daughter wanted to see the pictures on TV. I like it less because technology, shrinking space and playing two touches have removed the dribbling and is one on one. The obligation to play with two touches leads a footballer to play like this because the coach farts if he doesn’t. Things are lost.”

Higuain. (EFE/César Abate)

Enjoy your family now

Finally he explained the importance of his family: “The footballer has a lot of time to enjoy the family; to enjoy my daughter’s growth. Who is of a beautiful age. I enjoy other things I couldn’t before.”

“El Pipita” arrived at Inter Miami after the pandemic. Until now, he had objected 39 games in which he scored 13 goals. Two years ago, he put an end to his stage in the national team after the World Cup in Russia. He left behind, despite being the sixth all-time leading scorer (just behind Messi, Batistuta, Aguero, Crespo and Maradona), the fans’ whistles.

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