Ilia Malinin makes history with the first ever quad-axle in competition

Ilia Malinin makes history with the first ever quad-axle in competition

Impressive what the American figure skater has achieved Ilya Malinin when executing Unprecedented exercise in the history of sports: Quad-Axelfour and a half full laps in the air impressed all the experts.

This young American 17 years He has achieved the unimaginable: he starts straight with his left leg, spins through the air four and a half times and lands perfectly with his right. It seemed far fetched in figure skating, but he achieved it.

Legs, spinning force and technique. Ilia Malinin is already the “god” of quads. This sports “wall” was demolished during the implementation of its free program in Classic American International held in Lake Placid (USA).

Yuzuru Hanyu, his inspiration

Yuzuru HanyuOlympic Champion in 2014 s 2018Over the past year, I chased the four-axle in the championship. I tried it on Japan Championship 2021but he failed to turn, failing to complete 4.5 turns of the maneuver.

“Hanyu inspired me to try it,” Malinin admitted after completing her completion. skater Uzbek parents Settled in the US before he was born, he revealed it was in March when he began practicing jumping to put it into practice for a competition.

History records, for the exercise all elite skaters followed. Now everyone is thinking of the pentacle.

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