IMD is reinvigorating municipal sports


Since mid-April, the Municipal Sports Institute has been organizing competitions that can be developed in the application of orders governing the current situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Seville City Hall, Via Municipal Sports InstituteSince mid-April, it has revitalized competitions Municipal sports That can be developed in the application of orders that regulate the current situation due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

So, Registration is open for styles such as chess, athletics, swimming, art swimming, coaching, racquetball, rowing, rowing, tennis, and volleyball, some of which remain open.. This is the case for the Orientation Circle, which consists of three exams and whose registration ends on Wednesday, May 5; Chess also has open registration, through May 12, and rowing and rowing leagues, of which the deadline for registration is May 17.

The first competitions that began were volleyball, And who has done so with over a hundred registered teams, And athletics, With over six hundred athletes on the first day and over seven hundred on the second day, both contested at San Pablo Racecourse. Two days of technical swimming have also been held, and tennis and tennis tournaments, coaching and swimming will start next weekend. In the near future, the celebration will also take place and open registrations for other sports such as duo, gymnastics, karate or freestyle hockey.

A safe sport

To celebrate b Municipal sports, The Municipal Sports Institute has created a Covid Competition Protocol that is also expanded on a case-by-case basis in each of the specific circulars governing each sport. For this, the orders of the competent authorities for health protection, as well as the protocols of each sports association for its competitions and the protocol for the use of sports facilities in Seville were taken into account.

In this sense, for other contact sports such as football 7, futsal and basketball, it has been decided to wait for the situation to develop to call the competition for the next season, starting in September.

More information, registrations, ceremony dates and results of competitions at

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