Infantino insists on winning the World Cup every two years


FIFA President Gianni Infantino has once again spoken of his intention to organize the World Cup every two years, this time attacking the major confederations.

The chief pointed directly to Europe And South America, where the superpowers are located, and stressed that they oppose the initiative of the World Cup every two years because they do not want to lose their position.

“Those who oppose the World Cup every two years are the countries that top the list. It happens in all areas of life, those already mentioned do not want change.

Infantino spoke to members of 54 countries in South Africa and ruled both UEFA How do CONMEBOL You have “horrified” To lose sight of the privileged position they have historically acquired in relation to other nations, as this must be remembered All teams that have played in the 21 World Cup Finals since 1930 They come from Europe and South America.

Perhaps they are afraid that if something changes, their position at the front is in jeopardy. We understand that, and we commend and applaud them for their success in reaching the top. This is great and they are an example for everyone, but at the same time we cannot close the doors to other countries.

– he added.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 will be the last in which they will participate 32 teams, starting in 2026, when the United States, Mexico and Canada will be co-hosts, the format will include 48 teams. This will represent more than . income 3 thousand Millions of dollars football governing body.

However, they in FIFA are not only satisfied with the increase in the number of contenders, but what they want is to organize the tournament every two years and that is the reason. It has been devoted in recent months to mobilizing the support of small associationsIn this case Africa, because at the time of the vote, Uganda will be elected, for example, equal to Brazil or Italy.

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