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inside the job (known in Argentina as hidden workNS), is an original string of Netflix It premiered on October 22 and has so far passed many viewers, but it has Great potential for growth in users’ preference for its subject matter: conspiracy theories.

In times of “fake news” and post-truth, The existence of reptiles, mole people and the alleged montage of the moon landing has penetrated deep into a part of societyDr.. But the past few years began to grow movements that promote Theories with more serious consequences. for example, Antifaconas, “Retention of this immunization is a plan of social control” or Climate change deniers.

for this reason Shion Takeuchi Take these storylines and turn them into an animated series for adults in style Rick and MortyAnd Appeal to ridiculous humor To tell the story of a government organization called Cognito Inc. , devoted to hiding all the conspiracy theories in the world, which turned out to be true.

What is the topic of Inside Job?

“The Lizard People Theory? True. Moon Landing? A Lie.” For this genius and her colleagues, dealing with global conspiracies is hard work.”Broadcast platform summary says.

With animations similar to those of FuturamaAnd undercover work It features a frenetic and chaotic streak of 21st century cultural references. “I invented selfies so that the country could see itself‘,” says one character, while in another episode, she was able to piece Kim’s two talkies together: Kim kardashian And Kim Jong-un.

It also has its share of black humor, As if he dedicates almost everything to a chapter to the supposed killer of John F. Kennedy, who must face a series of clones of the deceased (and resurrected) former president of the United States.

Although it sounds crazy, Iinside the job He manages to impose his speech thanks to the fact that the people he makes fun of also cross the boundaries of common sense. In the face of these delusions, What is the best way to use sarcasm as a defense mechanism?

The voices of the main characters are responsible for Lizzie Kaplan Christian Slater Clark Duke Tisha Campbell Andy Daly John Dimaggio Bobby Lee And Brett Gilman.

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