Instagram will notify you if someone took a screenshot of the chat

Instagram will notify you if someone took a screenshot of the chat
Instagram will send a notification to its users if someone takes a screenshot in a chat / photo: Getty Images

Instagram will send one notice To its users in the event that someone takes screenshot from some conversation in which they participate. The January 27 2022And CEO of MetaAnd Mark Zuckerbergasked its users to avoid this practice to take care of Privacy for everyone and everyone.

“New update to end-to-end encrypted Messenger chats so you’ll be notified if someone detects a missing message. We’re also adding GIFs, stickers and reactions to encrypted chats”

Mark Zuckerberg

It’s official! Instagram screenshots are gone

According to the broker Barcelona’s vanguardnotifications Instagram After launching a screenshot in chats ‘in United State It is expected to arrive soon Europe“. Zuckerberg Insist not to pick up the intended messages can be removed after.

The Spanish newspaper confirmed that social network It will only alert when someone does shots a private conversationsthat is, to Instagram Livebut it will not warn when someone screenshot a stories or directly to print.

What will the notifications look like?

in post CEO of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Explanation of how screenshot notifications work, graphically showing that the inscription “(User) took a screenshotSo that both parties are aware of it.

End-to-end encryption, available at The WhatsApp For a long time, it increases security and ensures privacy Posts that we share with other users. right Now, Instagram and Facebook Messenger They will release an update with this tool that ensures that no one else can do it Read the conversation.

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