iPhone 14 satellite connection will reach more countries soon

iPhone 14 satellite connection will reach more countries soon

An emergency SOS has been declared for the US and Canada for now, but Apple plans to add this feature to more markets soon.

While introducing the new iPhone 14, All the new features that the device was to announce have been announced This is what made it different from the iPhone 13. One of them is the possibility of an emergency satellite connection in case there is no WiFi or network at that time.

This new feature is called “Emergency SOS” And Apple announced it for markets like the USA or Canada. Will it reach more countries? Quite possibly, as the company has stated that it will increase compatibility in some countries, so the real potential of the device will be explored soon.

iPhone 14 satellite connection will reach more countries

Notified by Apple through MacPrime web Its function is “Emergency SOS” It can reach more countries in the following months. The company even mentioned that it plans to announce these additional regions at the end of the year, so we can soon have more certainty about the globalization of this feature.

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Emergency SOS is coming to more countries very soon

During the presentation of the iPhone 14, the company mentioned that Emergency SOS will be launched first in the United States and Canada, due to the treatment already Was with Globalstar satellite service provider. It should be noted that this function would be free for the first two years, and it was only necessary to activate the satellite function to access these emergency calls. The increase in the number of countries can be As a result of Apple’s treatment with Starlink To be able to use their satellite as well.

As we learned today, the company is expected to announce additional countries later this year and next year where the SOS feature will be available via satellite connection. It is not yet known what new regions will participate.

This new feature Allows you to send messages via satellite in case of emergency And you don’t have network coverage or WiFI available. It also allows you to call your emergency contacts.

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