It lasts less than 4 hours and is on Disney+: Tarantino, Apichatpong and hip hop in this teen series directed by Thor: Love and Thunder

It lasts less than 4 hours and is on Disney+: Tarantino, Apichatpong and hip hop in this teen series directed by Thor: Love and Thunder

The overall impression of Taika Waititi as an author focuses mainly on his most foolish aspects. Not only because of his formidable relationship to the comedy genre, specifically the most subtle and lighthearted of comedy, but also because of the way he throws himself when he talks about his work, avoiding any hint of tyranny. However , There’s more to scratch behind the surface.

Movies like Thor: Ragnarok or the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder might not suit her very much, but before her he did things like Hunt For The Wilderpeople or Boy, where Show interest in children’s perspectives as well as indigenous people from New Zealand. Something also carried over in one of his latest series, “Reservation Dogs,” a recent gem in the Disney+ catalog.

Get a life in Oklahoma

Created and written by Reservation Dogs, along with Sterlin Harjo, who directed most of the series, a teen comedy strip that explores the lives of four teenagers on an Indian reservation in eastern Oklahoma trying to get hold of a gang of “bad guys.” Although more as a defense mechanism against Actual abuse and crime they deal with almost daily.

Soon we are told how one of the gang members died in the overwhelming context in which he lives, and to prevent this from happening they decided that they would collect money and run away from the reserve. The problem is that the plan is too vague – somewhat like them – to be resolved soon. in a way, They are criminally bad for trying to be criminals.

One of the most interesting things about this refreshing 8-episode series, which are less than half an hour each, is how it polarizes the youth comedy mentioned above, but also Play with the drama a bit surreal but also intimate Shows like “Atlanta” have become mainstream.

“Reservation Dogs”: a refreshing youth comedy

But by that I don’t mean to copy it but in a Native American sanctuary, as it also happened Exploring racism in America and society’s relationship to hip-hop. “Reservation Dogs” finds a very special and new tone in developing its journey.

In addition to showing the interesting culture of the indigenous people, the series It shows how it has also evolved through its links to pop culture. One of the key moments illustrates Quentin Tarantino’s already-generated bow from the title. And while its tone leans toward comedy, there is also room for surreal elements that seem to be taken from the film Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

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The small details that the Waititi and Harjo series use as great seasoning for the series’ tone and also contribute to the development of these young characters. Everything is done very well and the series is going greatSo it made many of the top lists of 2021. It’s worth it, and you should probably get in on it, especially now that Season 2 is just around the corner.

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