James Corden’s emotional monologue in which he shared his feelings about the new Premier League

James Corden’s monologue explaining his feelings about the new Premier League (CBS)

The announcement of the creation of the Premier League moved Europe and football fans around the world. The famous British presenter James Corden Who has hosted his Late Night TV show on CBS for years, has tried to explain the news to an American audience, where football is not very popular.

And he did this through prof Emotional monologue Eight minutes in it Explain what soccer teams mean to their communities in Europe (Similar to what is happening in Latin America, Asia or Africa) and the huge blow this decision means to the fans, whom billionaires from the big club seem to have not taken into account.

By doing this, Club owners kill hundreds of other soccer teams who have competed with them multiple times over the years, they don’t care about their fans, and they don’t care about the fans of their teams who have been hurt either.Said Corden, a West Ham fan, is a humble London team that competes in the Premier League.

I’m really heartbroken “Because the owners of these teams showed the worst kind of greed I’ve seen in sports,” added Corden, who looked shocked.

“Many soccer teams in the UK have more than a hundred years of history. The teams that were founded by workers and dockers were created by and for their communities. They are not commercial franchises,” those who accompanied him at CBS studio and his viewers explained, remarkably. What happens in Europe about how professional sports is organized in the United States.

Football is a working class sport where anyone can beat anyoneBefore he recalled how little Leicester City won the Premier League a few years ago, Corden said.

The presenter mentioned that everything started to change when some big businessmen in recent years started buying from major clubs. Fans wondered if he had lived up to the history and importance of those clubs to their fans and their communities. But they now simply realize it “They don’t care about any of that, they don’t care about anything other than themselves, they want a closed business where the rich get rich.”

Corden looked hopeless. He said that if it comes, it will be “The end of the sport we love.” But there was one thing fans could do: remember the names of those who did. “Do not forget who were these club owners who turned something so pure and beautiful, taking joy and love only for money“Asked.

Hours of stress

The hours following the announcement of the 12 founding clubs of the new Super League were sour.

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, was one of the main speakers of the new construction. “Nobody has created anything, the important clubs in England, Italy and Spain have to find a solution to the very bad situation football is going through, we lost 5,000 million. Last year we had a budget of 800 and ended up at 700 and this year instead of 900. We’ll see if we go into 600, in two seasons 400 million fewer, only Real Madrid, “he said on El Chiringuito,” We are in a very bad situation. “

“Football has to evolve, like companies, individuals and mentalities. Networks have changed the way we act and football must change and adapt to the times we live in. Football has been losing interest, you can see that the crowd is decreasing, the rights are decreasing and something needs to be done. We are all broke,” Football is global and these 12 teams and some others have fans all over the world. The TV has to change so we can adapt. Young people are no longer interested in football, why not? Because there are many poor quality games and they are not interested, they have other platforms To distract themselves. “

Meanwhile, it became known this Tuesday that at least two founding clubs, Chelsea and Manchester City assessors abandon the project Before the rejection it caused in many players and football fans.

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