La Gornada – Osuna’s place in the major leagues, Ojeda says


The future of Roberto Osuna, the major Mexican league player, is uncertain. It has not been determined whether he has managed to sign a contract to remain in the MLS, but it cannot be ruled out, they warn at Diablos Rojos del México, a team he will return to in the event that an agreement is not reached with the Ninth. .

“Roberto Osuna is the Red Devil,” Jorge Del Valle, Director of Vermilion Sports emphasized; “He belongs to this organization and time will set his date, but the priority now is to get the major league contract, but Osuna has his place here, he has always belonged to this organization.”

If Osuna returns, the Mexican Baseball League will be with Diablos, and they have no doubt about that, because that’s the deal. But they are convinced in the team that it will be an ephemeral step. They do not doubt that he will attract the attention of teams and will be called up almost instantly.

“Given its quality, it wouldn’t take long to return to the United States,” says Scarlet Director Miguel Ojeda; “It will be, if anything, about a month at most. If he comes back we don’t know how long he will stay with us, but it will definitely be very short, his place in the major tournaments.”

If they join Diablos next season, Ojeda said they would be in a great position to have a player of their level. Ojeda says: “Having a player like Osuna in our ranks has seen a lot.” “If we have, we hope he gives us what we’re used to in the big leagues.”

On the other hand, Del Valle warned that to reduce the risk of contagion in demons during the season, they will adhere to strict rules that will impose severe penalties (sporting and economic) on those who violate them.

He warned that “we will not tolerate anyone who endangers anyone’s health.”

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