Jesús Medrano Awards add to its name ‘Ciudad de Castelló’ and launch its 12th edition rules after breaking records in the pandemic


The twelfth invitation to the “Jesus Medrano” Christmas card contest, promoted by the cultural association of the same name, has become a reality. Having surpassed its best records in 2020 by reaching 5,372 postcards, and doubling participation in just two years, the competition once again challenges its limits in a very special edition, the first in which the awards will bear the name of the city of Castillo, emphasizing the support of local institutions.

The call maintains the purpose of preserving and motivating Christmas customs and traditions, and is open until December 10, according to the foundations posted on the association’s new website ( As in the last year, the traditional ways of receiving postcards (at the association’s headquarters, Calle Enseñanza nº 9 in Castelló and by mail) have been added, through a form enabled on its website. It should be noted that the growth in recent years has taken the event to an international dimension, with a significant growth in the list of countries participating in the competition: Belgium, Sweden, Uganda and Brazil joined the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries. The United States in 2020. Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Colombia, which were already sending postcards previously, as well as autonomous communities across Spain.

For another year, 13 categories of participation were defined, by age – from 3 years old – and school levels, including students with career diversity and also general categories open to the general public, with no age limit. According to the rules, the award ceremony, as well as the exhibition of selected works, will take place in January 2022, depending on the social health situation due to Covid-19. Dates and venues will be published on the website and on competition channels on social networks.

It should be noted that the invitation has institutions and cooperating companies whose complicity is necessary for the competition, from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana to the Association of Neighbors in the center of Castellón, passing through the City Council of Castelló, the Regional Council, Turisme de la Comunitat Valenciana, the Municipal Party Council of Castellón, the Foundation Dávalos Fletcher Foundation, Cajamar, Carrefour Castellón, Escolofi, Argot Bookstore, Coca-cola, Higinio Mateu, PubliValencia, Paco Valls Removals, and Pirotecniauñar Ross, A1F Sport and Vampa Pinagolosa.

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