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There are only 29 places left for the World Cup, and this is the panorama in the qualifying rounds for the various confederations.

October FIFA deadline has expired The teams of the various federations fought a new round of qualifiers, in search of getting closer and closer to the goal of obtaining a share that would allow them to be present in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

With the World Cup event only 13 months left, Two other teams joined hosts Qatar as the best teams: It’s about Germany and DenmarkBoth are affiliated with UEFA and will attend the inauguration ceremony scheduled for November 21.

With these three countries with a guaranteed ticket, There are only 29 places left in the World Cup So is the panorama of the different teams closest to their occupation in the different continental federations.

CONMEBOL Qualifiers

On Thursday, the South American qualifiers played their twelfth date and Only six left to meet The first four selections Qualified it It will go straight to the Qatar 2022 World Cup NS Fifth which will go to Re.

Brazil leads the draw With 31 points and everything seems to indicate that in the next World Cup he will be like Argentina, which ranks second With 25 points, they are both far from third place and with one game less to play.

The next three stakes are those that are still in dispute, being The third Ecuador with 17 points, Followed by Colombia and Uruguay, both with 16 points, although coffee growers are fourth in achieving a better goal difference. These three teams will qualify for the World Cup, although they are followed by Chile (13), Bolivia (12), Paraguay (12), Peru (11) and Venezuela (7).

South America who will qualify:

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. Ecuador
  4. Colombia
  5. Uruguay (play-off)

UEFA qualifiers

divided into ten groups, European teams compete for 13 places to qualify for the World Cup. single The first area will go directly To Qatar 2022, while the rest are in The second place will go to him playoffs To keep the remaining three places.

In the event that there are no two dates to end a tie, Only eleven places left after Germany and Denmark qualified That after winning over North Macedonia and Austria respectively, they remained with first place in Group J and F.

The leaders of the rest of the groups, and those who will be directly classified, are: SerbiaAnd SwedenAnd ItalyAnd FranceAnd BelgiumAnd HollandAnd Russia NS England (The first group).

For their part, those who will enter a tour playoffs son: PortugalAnd SpainAnd SwitzerlandAnd UkraineAnd Czech RepublicAnd ScotlandAnd NorwayAnd CroatiaAnd Poland And Romania.

European teams that will qualify from each group:

Group A (total 8 matches)

  1. Serbia – 7 GPS – 17 points
  2. Portugal – 6 points – 16 points

Group B (8 matches total)

  1. Sweden – 6 points – 15 points
  2. Spain – 6 points – 13 points

group C (total of 8 matches)

  1. Italy – 6 points – 14 points
  2. Switzerland – 6 points – 14 points

Group D (8 matches total)

  1. France – 6 points – 12 points
  2. Ukraine – 7 points – 9 points

Group E (8 matches total)

  1. Belgium – 6 points – 16 points
  2. Czech Republic – 7 GPS – 11 points

Group F (total 10 matches)

  1. Denmark – 8 points – 24 points
  2. Scotland – 8 points – 17 points

Group G (total 10 matches)

  1. Netherlands – 8 points – 19 points
  2. Norway – 8 points – 17 points

Group H (total 10 matches)

  1. Russia – 8 points – 19 points
  2. Croatia – 8 points – 17 points

Group A (total 10 matches)

  1. England – 8 points – 20 points
  2. Poland – 8 points – 17 points

Group J (total 10 matches)

  1. Germany – 8 points – 21 points
  2. Romania – 8 points – 13 points

CONCACAF Qualifiers

The Central and North American teams still have a long way to go. This is Wednesday Sixth day is over And There are still eight more dates left To find out which countries will stay with Three direct World Cup venues and the fourth that will go to the play-off.

However, the results indicate potential teams that will be in the World Cup finals, some of which are already taking advantage of their goal of qualifying.

Mexico (14 points), United State (11 and Canada (10) The teams that occupy direct qualification positions in the final appraiser of CONCACAF. The qualifier share is Panama (8 points), although it is closely followed by Costa Rica (6), Jamaica (5) and El Salvador (5). Close the Honduran schedule (3).

CONCACAF teams that will qualify:

  1. Mexico
  2. United State
  3. Canada
  4. Panama (playoff)

CAF qualifiers

African teams play in the second stage, out of three, to qualify for the World Cup. This means that the countries are divided into ten groups of four teams each Only each leader will be able to reach the last stage.

In this second stage Six matches will be played and last Tuesday was the fourth day. In November, the last two matches will be held to see which 10 teams will participate in the third stage and what they will choose to stay with Five quotas granted by the Confederation of African Football to participate in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Even these cases only Senegal and Morocco They are the only teams that will be in the next round. The other eight countries that will join are: Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, Egypt, South Africa and Tanzania.

Once you qualify for the third round, The ten teams will be paired in five brackets for home and away matches, which will take place on March 21 and 29, 2022. The winners of each match will participate in the World Cup event.

African teams that will qualify from each group:

Group A

  1. Algerian – 10 points
  2. Burkina Faso – 10 points

group b

  1. Tunisia – 10 points
  2. Equatorial Guinea – 7 points

group C

  1. Nigeria – 9 points
  2. Cape Verde – 10 points

group d

  1. Ivory Coast – 10 points
  2. Cameroon – 9 points

Group E

  1. Mali – 10 points
  2. Uganda – 8 points

F . group

  1. Egypt – 10 points
  2. Libya – 6 points

Group G

  1. South Africa – 10 points
  2. Ghana – 9 points

group h

  1. Senegal – 12 points
  2. Togo – 4 points

The first group

  1. Morocco – 12 points
  2. Guinea-Bissau – 4 points

Grupo J.

  1. Tanzania – 7 points
  2. Boys – 7 points

AFC Qualifiers

Asian teams (plus Australia) They fight for four direct stakes in the World Cup and one in the play-offby two groups. All six countries are divided and The first and the second will go straight away To the World Cup, while Third parties from each region will face each other in the recycling quota.

In total there are ten dates The fourth match was played on Tuesday, leaving Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Australia directly seeded. While Lebanon and Oman face each other in the play-off.

Group A

  1. Iran – 10 points
  2. North Korea – 8 points
  3. Lebanon – 5 points
  4. UAE – 3 points
  5. Iraq – 3 points
  6. Syria – 1 point

group b

  1. Saudi Arabia – 12 points
  2. Australia – 9 points
  3. Oman – 6 points
  4. Japan – 6 points
  5. China – 3 points
  6. Vietnam – 0 points

OFC qualification

The Oceania League has not yet begun its process to decide which choice to stay with Only the cut-off quota granted by FIFA, which is scheduled for January 2022.

The form to be implemented is that The 11 teams that make up the Oceania Confederation are divided into two groups, Going The first two from each region to the semi-finals. The winning country will retain its share of the play-off and will have to face a team from another continent to reach the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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