Joaquin Montesinos and the draw with Mexico: We couldn’t leave empty-handed


Joaquin Montenos, pointer Chile teamI solved 2-2 draw with Mexico In the United States, to highlight the position of their colleagues, despite the short time they have worked, and He noted that the lottery was fair, because “we can’t leave empty-handed.”

“(Feeling) very positive, We didn’t know a lot of players, we had very little time to work, but the situation was amazing. We have a lot to work on. We are all very energetic and can’t be left empty-handed.”He explained at a press conference.

It was a fair lottery, happy with the performance of the group and most importantlyH”.

In addition, Montenos appreciated the game being a good show to showcase his talent against potential offers from abroad.

“These games are important, and I don’t see them as friendly, I play it as an official match and it’s everyone’s motto Live it forever and that’s how it was noticed on the field“, Controversy.

Finally, he noted that “pFor me it is a dream to be here, Take advantage of every second and It will give me chances to get a chance to get into a team where I can be”.

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